We are here to help you explore web3 and the metaverse

We are a collective of emerging tech consultants and creative builders, driving the web3, metaverse and the NEXT web revolution. We craft immersive realities that blur boundaries and captivate audiences. Join us as we shape the future, break rules, and unleash boundless creativity within interconnected communities.


We welcome everyone and share our knowledge of educational transformation for web3, metaverse and beyond.We empower the NEXT generation of clients, agencies and artists to explore, unlock their full potential and open new frontiers of knowledge.


We redefine the boundaries of creative expression for the new era. Through immersive storytelling, interactive experiences and cutting-edge technologies, we ignite a renaissance of imagination in the NEXT dimension.


We bring the vision to life in the web3 and metaverse landscape. We build the NEXT reality of digital spaces that captivate, inspire, and connect people on a profound level.

Our Services

Are you planning to tap into the emerging web3 space or to launch a new project? We got you covered!

Strategic Direction

By working closely with our clients, we ignite visions through interactive sessions and forge an executable roadmap, filled with achievable milestones.

Immersive 3D Worlds

Guiding the creative compass, we create immersive experiences breathing life into dreams harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AR and VR.

Technical Execution

Steering through techstack of Web3, our technical execution drives the core of your innovations , leading projects from concept to go-live with precision and agility.

Company Upskilling

Decoding the new digital realm, our research shapes enlightening executive workshops and our dedicated advisory ensures best practices are not just followed, but set.

The Collective

As a vibrant collective, we bring together visionaries and innovators who share a common goal: to shape the limitless potential of the web3 frontier. Through our mastery of NFTs and digital art, we create substance and value, breathing life into captivating narratives and self-expression.

Our highly experienced collective members have worked with some of the most successful tech companies in the past. We are now on a mission to shape a new era of the internet with our partners.

Navigating the cutting edge: We blend our professional expertise with our passion as active participants in the web3 ecosystem, fortifying our knowledge through investments and consistent market exploration.






What our clients say

"Working with Uncap has been a great experience. They combine strong execution with being on the cutting edge when it comes to developments in web3."

Thomas Johann Lorenz

CEO, Journee - The Metaverse Company

Let’s explore web3 together and unlock the amazing opportunities this new internet era holds for your company.

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